Jerry Kennelly’s new startup

30th of June 2010 by admin

Stockbyte founder, Jerry Kennelly has just announced his new startup –

Tweak is an online self-service design library which makes tweakable press advertising and marketing collateral available to users at the touch of a button. Simply change colour, copy, photos, logos and Calls to Action, to create a compelling piece of advertising and marketing.

Check this video out (25 mins in)

CEPIC: Jerry Kennelly: Secrets of His Dramatic Exit from REELDEALHD on Vimeo.

tip: James Corbett and Learnpipe

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5 Responses to “Jerry Kennelly’s new startup”

great insights thanks for post

Looks very interesting as I have seensome new software where you can design your stationery etc. under a printers hug and it goes straight to print .
Keep me posted. Thanks

I have seen the latest version of the site and it looks fantastic.
Even I managed to create a proffessional looking leaflet.
Really looking forward to seeing the live site. Another revolution from Jerry

Hi Gerry,

I was so happy for you with the story of Stockbyte and for the difference it made in the digital photography world that we now live inn…. I have started playing around with illustrating and digital photography and think it is something new and different….. I also have few other things in the back of my head that I would like to try (and no it’s not drugs)….. It’s not that often that I do return to Tralee and I say that by choice as I find I’m in a happy place with country and peace of mind….. I never asked for much Gerry when I worked for you as was nothing you could give at that time, an please don’t think I’m asking for or wanting money as I’m not nor would ever ask or make myself look so low…. I only ask if you would be kind enough to replay and give me few mins of your time when I next visit Tralee.

Thanks for taking time to look at my comment on here….. I do hope that this finds you, and it finds you well…

Antony Breen

Hi Gerry,

Your comments on the Late Late show were very comforting ,
we need to give our youth a vision of what they can do, your example will encourage them