Music related startups in Ireland

16th of April 2010 by admin

We asked for some input via twitter – and we would only end up with Amp & Crogall (Thanks Ross & Peter)


AMP – online marketing service for Music Industry

Crogall – online music store for small bands/labels to connect with their fans

Abaltat – compose royalty free music

BalconyTV is a leading daily online viral music show that features bands, musicians and other variety acts on balconies around the world.

i-tab – the i-Tab straps on to the end of a guitar and scrolls through the lyrics and chords of a song (see recent Irish Times Coverage)

dbTwang – a social network for people who love guitars!

Echodio – platform for syncing, protecting and sharing your digital media collection. (Y Combinator Alumni)

Rocudo – online music community in which Fans discover and remix music in an innovative interactive format – Independent Irish Music Chart – Pay for music by text

Muzu – Watch, Create and Share Music video playlists

Tapadoo – Firepit – creating apps for bands on tour.

RSR/Tunetrak – audio fingerprint technology – NRDC launchpad company

Sonic Academy – learn to make music online.

Trezur – they make apps that “turbo-charge” your digital music collection

Grab Radio is here to revolutionise the way you listen to radio on your iPhone.

diddlyi – social network around Irish Dancing & Music Community


Any more that can be added to the list ?

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See also the work we’ve been doing at tapadoo for creating apps for bands on tour.
Information at and also first release at

Hey Fergus,

Our Diddlyi Magazine ( – online magazine covering traditional Irish music.

The Echodio guys are Irish.

don’t forget about us!

And these guys

Aonghus O'hEocha & co


Hi Fergus, thanks for the mention of Abaltat in the piece above. We are now selling our award-winning music for video desktop software products for the Mac, Abaltat Muse 2.0 and Express from our new site We are also launching a new online make music for video service in the coming months. We will definitely keep web2ireland informed as soon as the online version is live on!