Web2Ireland 2010 – Predictions & Feedback

5th of January 2010 by admin

Happy New Year to everyone

Some community feedback needed…

1. What predictions do you see in 2010 for Web2Ireland community

2. What would you like to see on Web2Ireland.org ?

Please send us email, comments, etc.

3 Responses to “Web2Ireland 2010 – Predictions & Feedback”

Hi Fergus,

I really enjoy the local focus Web2Ireland has. It is great to get updates on the successes of other Irish web 2.0 companies. Aside from the general news flow it might be interesting to get some more detailed profiles on some of the key players and their opinions on what has given them success. In addition perhaps some guest posts from industry experts on topics that will have broad appeal to the community. For example a legal view on the role IP can play, a HR perspective on ESOPs, salaries, etc…

Finally perhaps a forum for engaging with the local VC / Seed community to establish the trends they are seeing and are interested in…

That’s my 2 cents…..


Hi Fergus,

Love the site, always a good read and informative. Like Alan I’d love to see more behind-the-scenes interviews among Irish and international movers and shakers in the web 2.0 space. Warts n’ all accounts and key learnings can be fascinating and hugely informative. Live interactive webinars with you and Conor and interesting do-ers and thinkers would be cool too. I love trend stuff so more content on the ‘Cool Stuff’ would be welcome. Keep up the good work, Aideen

A bit boring but keep doing what you are doing. I always find myself coming back to the blog and read most of your posts unlike most other feeds I subscribe to.
Yea more guest posts is always a good thing, I wouldn’t disagree with that.
Have a good 2010!