Locle – Brilliantly simple LBS social networking

18th of June 2009 by admin

The Mobile Industry Review has a review on Locle


“I’m particularly impressed that roughly 70% of available European mobile handsets are capable of using Locle at the moment. Since it doesn’t strictly rely on GPS — falling back to Cell-ID for most handsets — it means that, theoretically, if you were wanting to deploy a location based social networking service in, say, India (for example), the first thing you should do is call up Pieter at Locle and do a deal with them.”

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3 Responses to “Locle – Brilliantly simple LBS social networking”

Should really be call Locale “Urban” as Cell ID is of no real use outside major urban areas where the absence of a second or third Mobile Phone mast reduces the resolution to several hundred meters.

In general, Cell ID is not suited to actively finding people, places or things. Locale really needs a GPS enabled phone to make it useful and allow it take full benefit from the new PON Code system for Ireland.

Its amazing how technology shortens phone conversations. Caller ID means we no longer have to start phone conversations with “Hi it’s Alan, is that Fergus?”.

And now Locle means the mobile phone age conversation opener “what are you up to?” will be made redundant.

Possible replaced with enquiries such as “What are you doing by the canal this late at night?”

What next, automated goodbye audio signatures?

[...] good folk at web2Ireland have noted the release of locle. You can learn more about this fab irish-made app [...]