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5th of June 2009 by admin

Well sort off…

ODCSSS is 12 week undergraduate summer research internship program between the University College Dublin (UCD) and Dublin City University (DCU) Ireland starts on June 2nd 2009. The theme for 2009 is Technologies for bridging the digital-physical divide: sensing the environment.

The name ODCSSS or (Odysseus) stands for the Online Dublin Computer Science Summer School.

In 2009 18 projects, where each student receives a weekly stipend of € 300 which is paid as a tax-free scholarship. [€3600 for 12 weeks]

Projects include

Biometric response and personal recall in sensed social contexts
Development of novel protocol for inter-vehicular video transmission
Distribution of video services in two-hop wireless networks
Efficient video content distribution in a heterogeneous network environment
Environmental monitoring using mobile sensor movement in cities
Learn to play like Minnesota Fats – augmented reality in the pool-hall
Long-term sensing in aquatic environments using autonomous yachts
Sensetile in the city: road-wær
Sensing and modelling radio channel conditions for mobile users
Sensing handshakes for social network development
Sensing learner interest through eye tracking
Sensing the molecular world of our environment using chemo/bio-sensors
The social life of search
Using evolutionary methods to play a sound synthesizer via camera and microphone
Using your mobile phone to control large screen public displays
Utilising context to provide adaptive, personalised and interactive spatial services
Visualisation of blog sentiment information
Visualising environmental sensor data on the interactive wall

Good initiative and would be interesting to see if any startup activity/commercial relationships build from this mini-research projects.


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Just had a similar discussion here with Steve Gotz regd Irish startup eco-system, TechStars, Y-Comb, govn/ed funding, kickstart etc.