IQPrize Shortlist Details

11th of June 2009 by conor

The Press Release on the IQPrize has just gone out and the important bits are as follows.

  • Decisions For Heroes (Robin Blandford) –A web application that saves lives by helping rescue teams record and analyze their rescue operations and training
  • (Alan Coleman) – A web application to help consumers declutter their lives by offering an online portal for the management and retention of important documentation
  • (David and Matt Sherlock) – A website and booking engine that reinvents the traditional booking model, offering hotels a powerful new marketing channel with no booking fees
  • Neurosynergy Games (David Delany, Lorraine Boran and Michael Boran) – Innovative online brain training application designed to enhance both intellectual (‘IQ’) and emotional (‘EQ’) performance for healthy people and people with specific mental disorders
  • Octopied (David Behan, Ronan Morris and Michael Flanagan) – A web application for freelancers, helping them manage invoicing, project management, sales and support through one simple and cost-effective tool
  • Our Writers’ Bloc (Owen Gallagher and Karl Quinn) – An online marketplace that connects self-published authors directly with their readers, and facilitates the distribution of material over multiple formats including mobile phones and e-Reader devices
  • Pendle House (Michael Furey) – An online currency exchange marketplace that allows companies and individuals around the world to trade currencies directly with each other, cutting out all transaction costs
  • Plink (Mark Cummins, James Philbin) – An image-driven search engine that allows users take a photo of an object with a mobile phone, and automatically retrieve information about it online

On July 8th, the final candidates will make a Dragon’s Den type presentation to the judges, followed by a public event where the candidates will be able to make a short elevator pitch to the audience. The People’s Choice Award of €1000 and the Grand Prize of €10,000 for the overall winner will be announced at the end of the night.

To add my 2 cents as a judge, I was honestly blown away by the quality of all the biz plans I reviewed. I expected that there’d be lots of badly thought-out, lunatic fringe stuff but I was completely wrong. 90% of what I read could make a feasible business.

Selecting the final 8 was bloody difficult because there were so many great ones submitted. I fully expect to see a ton of those who submitted plans running highly successful businesses over the next few years. I hope they all go straight to their County Enterprise Board or Enterprise Ireland and give them the same plans they sent us.

I don’t know who will win the prize but those 8 businesses could easily generate €100m+ revenues between them.

Here’s hoping IQContent are getting non-stop calls from EI and the CEBs to get access to all the other fantastic plans.

Video from Damian Bannon of the Announcement:

More coverage from Villa81:

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5 Responses to “IQPrize Shortlist Details”

[...] IRELAND – Last night, Decisions For Heroes was announced as a finalist for the €10,000 iQ Prize. The prize fund, sponsored by iQ Content had 249 entries, [...]

any plan to give feedback to those who didint get through (similar to the seedcorn comp?$)

I don’t know but I doubt it since all of this was done in people’s spare time and IQContent doesn’t have a formal set of comments for each plan from the judges.

Hi Alan,

Given the volume of entries, and the general mad busyness of the judges, it will be really difficult for us to give individual feedback to everyone.

That said, I’m really happy to facilitate some kind of morning session, if we can manage it, where we can feed back some more general info to entrants who are interested.

Hope this helps,


Dear Morgan,

Just a thought, as I’d be very interested in finding out how my idea ranks … how about interested people pre-booking a consultation so you’ll know the numbers and the ideas in advance, then we all get together?

I can appreciate that all involved have demands on their time, if it could be slotted in at some stage I’d be most grateful.

Many thanks,