Hostelworld founder Ray Nolan launches new startup –

12th of May 2009 by admin

Ray Nolan, one of the founders of Hostelworld has launched his new venture –

According to a recent piece in the SBPost - Worky is a ‘hiring network’ – aimed at disrupting the recruitment market.

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2 Responses to “Hostelworld founder Ray Nolan launches new startup –”

Aimed at disrupting the recruitmet market? By that do you mean it’s not just another website full of recruitment agency ads? Because, at the moment, all I see on it is recruitment agency ads! :-)

Worky looks fantastic! But the business model shows lack of understanding the recruitment process in Ireland. Sites like and similar niche ones are going to dominate the market, and Worky will not have an answer.

Or I do not understand the online recruitment at all! :)