eircom innovation fund 2009 – reminder to community

23rd of April 2009 by admin


We blogged on before onEircom Innovation Fund – but Quick reminder on eircom innovation fund 2009 – Get your idea in before April 30th [tip to Damien]

Full details on the eircom Labs page.

Areas to consider for a pitch:

* Content (e.g. video, short films, animations, UGC)
* Movies and TV (e.g. programme recommendations, listings application, information aggregation, content search, fan communities, recommender systems, discovery tools e.g. data visualisations))
* Games (e.g. Flash games, game communities, platforms, multiplayer games, persistent worlds, avatar-based social networks, game creation tools, ratings, reviews, gambling)
* News (e.g. personalised news gathering, news aggregation, news submission tools, communities of interest, domain-specific news services)
* Music (e.g. Internet radio, streaming / OD services, search / recommendations / personalisation, community tools)
* Sport (e.g. communities, results aggregation, fan communities, results prediction, betting, games)
* Widgets (e.g. any widget(s) based on the above or additional categories)

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