Irish companies for InnovateEurope

12th of December 2008 by admin


I met up with Mike Sigal from Guidewire Group this week at LeWeb in Paris – and he updated me on the new Innovate Europe event they are running.

In a nutshell Mike, Chris and their team are

- Running regional “Auditions” in Europe to meet and talk to startups [22nd Jan, Dublin]

- Selected startups are invited to the Innovate!Europe’s Master Class [4-6 May 2009 in Zaragoza, Spain]

- Also participate in Innovate!Europe Trade Mission – that will visit Silicon Valley in June 2009

- One European startup will win an exclusive spot at Guidewire STUDIO, an in-residence business accelerator in the heart of Silicon Valley.

I would recommend all Web2Ireland companies to apply for Innovate!Europe

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2 Responses to “Irish companies for InnovateEurope”

We have InnovateEurope Spain next week in Zaragoza. Will be there!!

Just had a look at this and really like the setup.
Will be signing up I think.
One thing I like very much is that there are no costs involved. Too many of these type of programs require an upfront payment. As cash is king for any startup, low-cost or free advice and mentoring is invaluable!