Irish Web Awards to Shake Things Up

14th of August 2008 by conor

Competition is _always_ a good thing and I’m excited to see the launch of the Irish Web Awards by Damien Mulley. The existing events in Ireland have served a particular niche for several years but there is a rich range of sites out there that never get a look-in, mainly by virtue of cost, lack of mainstream profile and perhaps because they are not commercial.

Nominations will open soon and I already have a bunch of names in my head for the various categories. The event is on October 11th in the Radisson SAS Dublin. Hopefully we’ll see plenty of nominations made by all those across the road in UCD.

Sponsorship slots are still available with the anchor sponsor being

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One Response to “Irish Web Awards to Shake Things Up”

First, Ireland is probably my favorite country. Second, I love that this site exists and is encouraging a strong Irish web community.
I’ll definitely be following to see what events are going on and if I can plan yet another trip I’ll be looking for an event to attend.
Check out my blog if interested: