YellIfItChanges Scratches a Common Itch

16th of March 2008 by conor

Ye know when you find an app that just makes 100% sense? Not the next Flickr or Facebook, just incredibly bloody useful? YellIfItChanges is one of those apps.


It lets you know if:

  • a website is updated
  • a website changes Google Page Rank
  • a website receives more incoming links
  • a website changes position on Google search engine results page (SERP)

and it can let you know via

  • email
  • RSS Feed
  • iCal Calendar

Sure, lots of sites have RSS but there are still a huge number that don’t and site-RSS doesn’t provide all those other features above. I’m using it to watch when certain sites come out of closed beta, but there are tons of different ways to use it. Check it out.

2 Responses to “YellIfItChanges Scratches a Common Itch”

Looks interesting, but I can’t figure out where to register? Is it closed beta?

Oh, I see the input boxes now. Note on my laptop, if the plane of the screen is slightly off perpendicular, the outline of the input boxes become invisible (on flock at least).