Beta Testers Wanted

6th of March 2008 by conor

You may be familiar with the very smart YouGetItBack concept which provides a lost and found facility for things like phones, iPod etc via simple stickers and a web app. The guys are moving into their next phase of development and it’s looking very exciting indeed. They will soon be rolling out apps for mobiles and laptops along with associated online services.

They are looking for Beta Testers for these apps. If you are interested, head on over to the blog and leave a comment or mail them at the address provided.

If you are looking for Beta Testers for your web app or mobile app, feel free to drop us a line and we’ll mention it here.

One Response to “Beta Testers Wanted”

Hi Conor,
Thanks for the mention. We are pretty excited about the applications and would appreciate testers feedback. Nasty patent lawyers are keeping me quiet at the moment ..not for long though.
Drop over to the blog as mentioned or email me at if you would be interested in beta testing.