xCellerate2008 – Bringing Silicon Valley to Ireland event

21st of February 2008 by admin

The xCellerate2008 event next week has the following offer for the Web2Ireland community

A discount code – Tran08 – which takes the price down to 60EUR – Buy here

Panelists for xCellerate2008 include

* Chris Horn, Founder & Chairman, IONA Technologies
* Bernie Cullinan, CEO Clarigen, Ex-CEO of SteelTrace
* Noel Ruane, Founder & CEO BrandMail Solutions
* David Smith, Merrion Capital
* Shay Garvey, Partner, Delta Partners
* Maura Moore, Lead Equity Advisor, EquityNetwork
* Deirdre Terrins, Crescent Capital – Investment Manager
* Michele Carroll, President, Carrollco Marketing Services
* Damien Eastwood, Angel Investor, Xcellangels
* Brain Caulfield, Interim CEO, AePONA
* Chris Gill, CEO Silicon Valley Association of Start-up Entrepreneurs
* Diane Roberts, Partner, xCell Partners

One Response to “xCellerate2008 – Bringing Silicon Valley to Ireland event”

Looks like a great lineup. I’ve signed up. Tip for those using Google Checkout for the first time (like me). Postcode=1 seems to be the only thing that works. The classic C1, C0001, NA or 90210 all fail.