10 Free Tickets for IWTC on Friday (and discounts too)!

28th of February 2008 by conor

Barry at IrishDev has just let us know that he has ten free tickets for tomorrow’s Irish Web Technologies Conference session. First ten people to mail patricia AT irishdev.com will get them. Everyone else can get in at the special price of €50 just for tomorrow. There have been some fantastic sessions here over the past few days. Tomorrow will see talks by:

  • Krishna De
  • Tom Raftery
  • Greg Ryan
  • Russell Nelson
  • Maureen Daly
  • Robert Hogg/Matt Steeples
  • Sean Hanley
  • Bill de Hóra
  • David Rook
  • Paul Walsh
  • John Breslin
  • Shaun Anderson
  • Ivan MacDonald
  • Laurence Veale

The topics will range from the Sematic Web to SEO to IPR

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