Innovating the Business Model

25th of October 2007 by admin

Over 150 people attended yesterday’s “Innovating the Business Model” event at Stillorgan Park Hotel. Headlining the bill for day was Prof. Henry Chesbrough who is Executive Director of the Centre for Open Innovation at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.

Prof. Chessbrough’s message revolves around the notion that the best innovation stems from the use by firms of external as well as internal ideas to create value and increase growth. From the classic Xerox example and the relatively recent iPod examples, he presented a compelling case.

Although he did not explicitly mention web2.0, the relevance was extremely obvious. A particular thought which occurred to me following his talk was whether Irish web2.0 companies could follow this thinking to its ultimate conclusion and collaborate on new services. The inconvenient reality of who would ultimately “own”, drive and manage such ventures is an obvious issue but maybe not impossible to figure out.

Other speaks on the day included:

- Sean Keenan of Galway based Multis who spoke about their use of innovative models of partnership
- Danny Gleeson of G&L Technology Ltd who spoke about the European Space Agency as a source of new licensing opportunities
- Dave Quane of Notel Ireland who gave an insight into Notel’s restructuring in the face of changing market conditions
- Maria Weir & Jane Watters from Scotland’s Intellectual Assets Centre who spoke about their experiences of working with Scottish SME’s who hold intellectual assets at the core of their business models
- Alexander of Arvetica who presented a graphically based method of mapping business models.

The event was organised by my colleagues in the technology & automation division of Enterprise Ireland.

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