FOWA – Web2Ireland Meetup

30th of September 2007 by admin

How many Irish web2.0 companies attending FOWA this week ? Want to meet up on Wed evening – before the main party ? Leave comments below on who’s going, etc.

7 Responses to “FOWA – Web2Ireland Meetup”

Are you planning the meetup in London or Dublin? We will be heading over Tuesday night anyway, would be good to meet up.

sounds good. esp as I don’t have a pass to the main party :-)

I’ll be there with my brother. Would be good to meet some of the Irish people at the event. Administrator, what is your real name?

Flying over tomorrow so a meetup on Wednesday would suit.

Yeah, a possible meetup point is the diggnation filming?

Ah a party you say, Garry and I from GlowDay will be there.

I’ll be there with dave and vinny from justroutes for the wed night so like a good time.