Amazon Web Services Evangelist in Dublin

25th of September 2007 by conor

The buzz around AWS continues to increase and I’m noticing more mentions in Irish tech blogs all the time. One of the highlights for many people at BarCamp Galway was Walter Higgins kicking off 19 EC2 instances running Pixenate. This incredible scalability available for mere pennies is a killer argument for many unfunded start-ups around the world.

Last September I saw Jeff Barr at d.Construct and his presentation on AWS was a real eye-opener, I simply wasn’t aware of anything outside EC2 and S3. His co-evangelist Mike Culver is coming to Dublin and will hold an event on October 30th to preach the message and bring everyone up to date with all their most recent developments.

Mike intends to do a three part presentation

  • Their view of where things are going
  • The services themselves
  • A live demo

Given that they should have several actual users of AWS in the audience, I’d love the demo to be about some of the more cutting edge things they are doing or even to include audience participation from the likes of Pixenate or PutPlace. Hopefully they will also have some news on built-in support for MySQL persistent storage and whether will eventually have all the same services available as

I would love to see Amazon extend their Startup Project events outside of the USA too. These are networking events where start-ups can learn about Amazon Web Services, how to attract VCs, and how successful start-ups have built their business using AWS’ solutions. They strike me as the perfect business complement to the more technical events.

If you intend coming to the event, please RSVP over at the page so they can get some feel for numbers. The current room holds about 30-40 people. Anyone looking at application scalability needs to be there! Finally, check here for the other events that Mike is taking part in whilst he is here.

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