Pitch Training during Web2Ireland Week

28th of August 2007 by conor

We are genuinely thrilled that Enterprise Ireland has agreed to run a pitch training session in advance of DemoBar on Thursday September 13th. It is aimed at those doing a DemoBar presentation that evening and also as the first training session for those attending the Paddy’s Valley trip who intend pitching in Silicon Valley.

The format has not been finalised yet, it depends to some degree on the numbers who sign up. However it will involve pitching to an expert panel and/or the other attendees in addition to guidance and training.

If you have applied for DemoBar, you really shouldn’t miss this. I have taken part in similar sessions and they are absolute gold. It could be the difference between getting your idea on the map or disappearing without a trace.

Sign up now for Pitch Training by emailing your details to web2ireland DOT editor AT gmail DOT com

We will confirm date and time asap.

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