TechCrunch UK & Ireland

26th of October 2006 by admin

Since the much enjoyed TechCrunch UK launch party last week, word suggests that with the arrival of Mike Butcher (writes for Irish Times on technology) on-board, the site will change to TechCrunch UK & Ireland this week.

Our little tri-colour will be flying up there with the US, UK & Japan on the web 2.0 scene. A good achievement.

5 Responses to “TechCrunch UK & Ireland”

Exactly how dumb would it be not to do this? No need to reply :-)

Mike, if you can’t fit the Tricolour in on the logo, Hugh’s Green Union Jack may suffice!!


I don’t think this is the right place to discuss the TechCrunk logo but I personally don’t like the green union jack. In fact, I hate it :)

Sorry Hugh, it’s creative but I don’t like the concept ;)

Paul, I got the feeling the green was only due to it being a single colour lithograph and he happened to pick green. Nothing to do with Ireland – nor by any means a suggestion as a logo.

Ah, I see :-)

Thanks for correcting me.