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25th of October 2006 by admin

Company name: Segala
Location: Dublin HQ, UK Satellite Office
Founded: 2002
CEO: Paul Walsh

Segala is a certificate authority in Web accessibility and mobile standards compliance. Specialist in content labelling using Semantic methods.

The Segala-Certifiedâ„¢ Trustmark is a clear visual indication that a site has been independently audited and certified for Web accessibility standards compliance. Segala is an expert in the field of mobile testing and is the first testing & standards compliance expert worldwide to become an Associate member of the GSM Association.

As a Founding Sponsor of the W3C Mobile Web Initiative (MWI), Segala is well placed to help organisations apply the best practice recommendations for mobile Web content standards. Segala is co-editor of the MWI mobileOK conformance document with Google and ICRA.

Segala-Certified Partner Programme:
The Segala-Certifiedâ„¢ Partner Programme enables members to audit Web sites and award them with a Segala accessibility Certificate and Trustmark. Any company that provides Web design, development, usability or accessibility services can join the Programme.

Industry focus
* Independent and Privately Owned
* Founding Sponsor of the W3C Mobile Web Initiative (MWI)
* Co-editor of the W3C MWI ‘mobileOK‘ document with Google
* Active contributor to the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0
* Active contributor to the W3C WAI Evaluations and Repair Tools (ERT) Working Group
* Sponsor member of the Content Label Incubator Group (WCL-XG), a worldwide initiative to develop content labelling standards for the Web. Co-author of the final report.
* Active contributor to the W3C Semantic Web Outreach Programme

Something to keep an eye out for:

Personalised Search Revolutionised (literally)

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[...] Web 2.0 Ireland (very much worth a look) has a useful, if bald, profile of Segala, a “certificate authority in Web accessibility and mobile standards compliance”. So that’s nice. However, Segal seems to be working on a personalised mobile search engine called Search Thresher. If someone wants to give me the inside story, get in touch via the usual channels. [...]

Search Thresher will demonstrate how to enable trust on the Web using a Semantic method called Content Labelling (Metadata). Google and Yahoo! don’t know anything about real personalised search… I know this from the reaction to our stuff from qualified figures in companies such as AOL, VeriSign, Google and others.

We want to include functionality that will interest a wider audience. So, we’re looking to include FOAF to enable trust for people. Wouldn’t it be cool if people had a URI to identify them on the Web! It would be ever better if you could associate a level of trust to those URIs…

Is that vague enough to be deemed Web 2.0? ;)

Thanks to our friends at Glaxstar for building the extension.