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Maxroam signs a €10 million deal

admin 13th of May 2009 by admin

Cubic Telecom

Pat and the team at Maxroam / Cubic Telecom have just announced a deal with the international charity organisation, the Mission to Seafarers, according to the Irish Examiner

The service known as SeaRoam and will be made available to the 1.7 million seafarers worldwide at 250 ports.

Two of my favourite products together at last

conor 14th of April 2009 by conor

Qik and MaxRoam. If you travel and if you like video, then you’ll be a very happy bunny this morning.

maxroam qik

Cubic Telecom have just announced announced a partnership with Qik to bring massive savings to Qik users who love to stream video while travelling.  The Qik SIM also provides big savings on voice calls, email, web browsing and texting while they travel. I love their tagline:  ”Go mobile, not broke”.