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.XXX websites to adopt MetaCert Content Labels & Safety Warnings

conor 26th of August 2011 by conor

Later this year, .XXX domains will become available and obviously an important aspect of this is to ensure that unsuitable content is not accessible to minors. Paul Walsh’s MetaCert has been working on this problem for the past few years and has just signed a large deal with ICM Registry who will be selling the domains.

MetaCert has a range of cloud-based labeling technology and certification products which sites can use to show visitors information about their content, their malware scanning practices, how they treat consumers’ privacy, whether they offer free or paid-for content and more.

I’ll be installing one of their products on all my kids’ PCs and that’s the Firefox Add-On. It goes way beyond the built-in features of IE9 and will be available on all browsers soon.