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Maxroam on a roll – now in Asia

admin 20th of July 2009 by admin

Pat Phelan pinged us earlier to let us know about their latest deal – Buzzroam, which is a strategic partnership between Global Roaming Solutions Ltd (Hong Kong) and Cubic Telecom (Ireland).

“Buzzroam is the only GSM SIM card available in Asia which not only allows you to access cheap voice and data roaming using one dedicated international number, but also gives you the ability to forward your regular mobile number to your Buzzroam SIM card. Using strategic partnerships in over 200 countries around the world Buzzroam has the potential to save thousands of dollars on the cost of roaming charges just about anywhere in the world.”

Maxroam signs a €10 million deal

admin 13th of May 2009 by admin

Cubic Telecom

Pat and the team at Maxroam / Cubic Telecom have just announced a deal with the international charity organisation, the Mission to Seafarers, according to the Irish Examiner

The service known as SeaRoam and will be made available to the 1.7 million seafarers worldwide at 250 ports.

Wowsa! MAXroam saves customers $1m

conor 30th of May 2008 by conor

Just saw over on Pat Phelan’s blog that MAXroam has saved their customers over a million dollars in roaming charges since they launched. That’s one hell of an achievement in nine months.

I still remember them blowing everyone away at TC40. They so should have won the grand prize there even if the billionaire Marc Andreessen didn’t understand why anyone would want to save money on roaming mobile charges :-)

Now if only Pat could do something about roaming data, I’d be forced to marry him.