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Completed Irish Web2.0 Research Projects

admin 20th of September 2007 by admin

The Enterprise Ireland Informatics Research Showcase 2007 is being held on the 3rd of October in the Dublin. These 2 Irish Web2.0 products are on show and looking for ‘commercial exploitation’:

Make instant messaging work for you;
Product Name: Zimbie (Waterford Institute of Technology)

RSS feed and information aggregation;
Product Name: FeedHenry (Waterford Institute of Technology)

Register for the event.

Quarterly VC Investment in Europe Falls but Investment in the Web Soars

admin 12th of July 2007 by admin

Some interesting observations from Sam on recent VC activity

blognation UK technology » Blog Archive » Quarterly VC Investment in Europe Falls but Investment in the Web Soars

World Wide Web of Widgets

admin 10th of May 2007 by admin

I have just posted an article over on ReadWriteWeb about the world of widgets. If you are looking to find out more about building and distributing widgets you might find some useful information here.

Mix07 – Microsoft rolls out Silverlight

fergus 30th of April 2007 by fergus

Silverlight is impressive – Microsoft are really going up against Adobe and flash.

The “amazon s3” like streaming service is also clever – Silverlight Live – it really hones in on the weakness of Flash on video delivery and also youtube for media streaming/storage.

Demos were very cool – i expect to see plenty of innovation and businesses spawn from this toolset – certainly cuts out on operational costs in getting started on “media related” businesses

web2Ireland at hackday europe

fergus 19th of April 2007 by fergus

Yahoo! are doing a hackday in Europe.

Tom Coates has all the details A Hack for Europe! (

How many Irish hackers can we get over :-)

European Web 2.0 Contest

fergus 9th of April 2007 by fergus

Picked this up on The Alarm Clork Euro edition – alarm:clock euro: European Web 2.0 Contest goes live

admin 2nd of April 2007 by admin

Saul has launched - and is using the ning platform.

check here for details.

Some Irish connections
- Eoghan McCabe did logo
- Diego Doval [ex-Trinity/CleverCactus] is the VP Engineering/Chief Architect at Ning !

Saul also mentions Irish Innovation in a recent blog post – very much appreciated. release source code for osmotic communications

fergus 26th of February 2007 by fergus

Matt and Anil from wooed the FOWA audience with their presentation last week.

One of the highlights was the way they use IRC to communicate accross the team.

Thankfully the team have released the source code to the community. See Matt’s posthere

Thanks guys !!

Startupping – A Community for Entrepreneurs

admin 23rd of February 2007 by admin

Mark Fletcher has just launched Startupping – A Community for Entrepreneurs

Mark was the founder of bloglines and OneList – both sold to Ask and Yahoo – smart guy who’s helping entrepreneurs.

Y Europe can seed growth of its new stars

admin 16th of February 2007 by admin

Saul Klein, who was recently appointed to Index Ventures, one of the top web2.0 related Venture capital firms around, is proposing a European techstars/ycomibinator type facility. Y Europe can seed growth of its new stars

So what next? This summer we will aim to bring together some of Europe’s best entrepreneurs and investors to start supporting and seeding talented developers who have ideas that they think they can turn into world beating businesses.

Right now, I’ve love your feedback.

Let me know;

* what you think,
* who you’d want to be involved,
* how we should go about finding the right talent,
* who should we be telling about it,
* how should the model work best,
* if your an entrepreneur what you would need

Saul is one of the smartest entrepreneur/advisor/angel investor around – and with his new role with Index, this promises to be an exiting initiative to create more world class companies out of Europe.

I recommend you subscribe to his blog – and kick in your comments/thoughts/ideas….