Domain Suggester For Your Business

15th of June 2011 by conor

We got an email from Mark Frawley of Irish start-up Parsity. They have created a very nifty site called It takes the simple concept of checking domain name availability and adds intelligent suggestion features. As anyone who has used the GoDaddy suggester knows, this is an area that needs a lot of improvement.

I just used it to try and come up with a domain around “Facebook Killer”. I like their suggestions! I think I’ll be using this site a lot in the coming months.

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One Response to “Domain Suggester For Your Business”

Indeed a very nifty and useful website. Very simple to use and has given me some interesting domain leads. The interface is neat, easy to find your way in it.
But I think it’s a pity to narrow to “.com” domains only. But Iam being pricky here.
A brilliant tool, overall!