(More Than) Full House for Web2Ireland DemoBar

21st of November 2010 by conor

I recommend that everyone who is signed up for Tuesday’s DemoBar stop eating now. It’s gonna be jammed! The interest level has been incredible. The following fab startups will be demoing on the night:

See you all on Tuesday from 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM at the Ely Gastro Pub, Dublin. Don’t forget that the Guardian Tech Weekly team will be there too.

Thanks again to Enterprise Ireland who will be sponsoring the evening.

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8 Responses to “(More Than) Full House for Web2Ireland DemoBar”

Where can you sign up to attend?

I’m afraid it’s too late to sign-up, we are massively over-subscribed for the night. Keep an eye out for our next one early in the New Year.

Quite a line up! Will the demos be recorded (video) for others to see?

Oh, good question Stephen. If I have my wits about me, I may even stream some video live.

I may have a team interested in doing the videoing for you if you’re interested?

They’ve done the AIM (aimawards.ie) before and have a fair amount of experience in web focussed video.

Thanks Stephen but it’s not really the kind of event for formal video. We may take a few quick snippets using cameraphones but that’s it. The venue will also be completely jammed!

No problem.

I always feel these kinds of Demo events could be recorded and put up somewhere a la TED or similar. It would be beneficial to the demoers (?), hosts, people who can’t make it and future interested parties…

We’re really looking forward to attending and have duly noted to stop eating now! Mental note to self – think of something insightful to say for the podcast..