Plink wins Android Developer Challenge

10th of December 2009 by admin

Congratulations to Plink, who recently won the best reference app in the Android Developer Challenge for their PlinkArt application, and a prize of $100,000!

The Plink Art app is a visual search engine for art – take a picture of a painting and the system recognises it and returns the history of the painting, info about the artist, etc. Right now it recognises tens of thousands of famous paintings.

We recently profiled PlinkArt on Web2Ireland.

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2 Responses to “Plink wins Android Developer Challenge”

Kinda nice, but every gallery I have been to has the name of the artist right next to the picture!


Info about the artist, history of the painting etc. includes more than the artist’s name, of course.

This is useful, and at any rate a step forward. The same functionality for sculptures and alike would be the next big step: automatic 3D object recognition via two still images via stereoscopy. The next natural step is a database search robot that does object recognition through a single still image. Video clip analysis seems out of reach a few more 18 monthses.

Check out Google Goggles! (if you have an Android phone.)