Another full house for Facebook Garage Ireland 2

4th of July 2009 by conor

The first Facebook Garage was so popular we had to have another one pretty soon after. On Thursday we had 150+ people crammed into a room in the Radission SAS to hear 5 speakers talk about different aspects of their experiences with Facebook.

It opened with Sean O’Sullivan from Rococo presenting their GigMonkey App. Plenty of technical meat in there about the various challenges they faced and some interesting comparisons with Bebo.

Robert Mao then gave a broad overview of build FB Apps/Connect and hosting them on Google App Engine.

I spoke about our integration of Facebook Connect into the LouderVoice reviews widget.

After the break, Flavien Charlon took everyones breath away with his description of the growth of My City. He currently has close to 500k active monthly users on this Facebook App. His talk covered everything from technical issues to growing a userbase and monetizing.

Finally Colm Long who runs Facebook EMEA gave us an insight into where Facebook was going, theeir approach to ads and the shocking growth figures for Facebook in Ireland. One important point that he highlighted was what a small company Facebook is (~900 people). So when development slows in one area e.g. Groups, it is only because they are resource strapped.

Michael Clyne took video footage of the entire event which we hope to post here next week. If you have any photos or videos, please post links to them in the comments.

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4 Responses to “Another full house for Facebook Garage Ireland 2”

Great thanks for sharing the PPTs. It great that people share these out as there is so much social media action now going on in Ireland that it is hard to make all of them especially we people down in Cork.

Must arrange a Cork event at some stage as the buzz around Social Media 2.0/3.0 and beyond is growing so fast.

Yes indeed, great post and thanks for collating the presentations. Makes wholesale blogtheft much simpler. Hope to see you at the next garáiste too.

Facebook Garage Ireland – Live Music Mashup App Rich Media Video Presentation – Gig Monkey (Mobile Phone, Last FM, Bebo, Amazon, iLike, Facebook Connect)

Available to view on FACEBOOK and


This is a rich media visual presentation of a Facebook Live Music Mobile Phone Mash-up Application called Gig Monkey, using Amazon AWS, Last FM API, iLike and Facebook Connect. Presented by Sean O’Sullivan,, Sponsored by Facebook Garage Ireland/Facebook EMEA and, Hosted by and Produced and Directed by

Nice presentation. Social media getting larger group…

- Acoustic -