Announcing Web2Ireland €10m seed fund

1st of April 2009 by admin

We’re very excited to announce the launch of the Web2Ireland SeedFund I.

The fund seeks to

* invest in 30 to 40 seed stage startups
* average “bite size” of €100K
* able to lead, co-lead or follow other firms or angel syndicates
* focusing on consumer Internet and mobile
* capital efficiency, great teams, differentiated ideas and flexibility
* working hand in hand with the best VC firms in Europe and Silicon Valley
* An advisory board of leading Internet stars
* Address the market need !!

Stay tuned for more news :-)


11 Responses to “Announcing Web2Ireland €10m seed fund”

[...] Web2.0 ireland’s 10 million euro funding [...]

Have a great April Fool’s day everyone – don’t get caught out by too many unlikely announcements!

This is excellent news. Well done guys.

Ah Tom, you ruined the surprise. ;-)

[...] Web2.0 ireland’s 10 million euro funding [...]

I’ll put my hand up and say I fell for this when I saw it posted on twitter by @conoro. I didn’t read the whole post before retweeting (my fail!), because – and forgive my idealism here – I said to myself: “What a great message to send to the global web tech community, this is exactly the type of positive action needed right now, fair play, how can we help?”.

For this reason, I don’t really get why the guys behind Web2Ireland (for whom I’ve lots of respect) would make a joke over something like this.

Maybe I shouldn’t take this so seriously, on the 1st of April of all days? Yeah maybe.

Or maybe I think there is amazing opportunity in an idea such as this (perhaps with a smaller funding amount), and it’d be nice to see people taking that seriously.

OK, time to get off the soap box.

The best April fools are those that are
very close to reality and highly desirable.
The really sad thing here is that there
is absolutely nothing stopping this
happening for real.

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