WebMission Now Includes Irish Start-Ups

25th of January 2009 by conor

Last year’s very successful WebMission by UK startups to Silicon Valley followed in the footsteps of the equally successful Paddy’s Valley several months previously. We’ve been contacted by James Lawn to let everyone know that Irish start-ups are very welcome on this year’s trip.

They want to bring UK & Ireland’s top 20 fast-growing Enterprise Web Companies to San Francisco from 28 Mar to 3 Apr. Some good sponsorship means that you’d only have to pay for your flight and hotel. A word in the ear of your Enterprise Ireland D.A. may even cover half of that.

I have to say, the trip looks fantastic. This is what you can expect:

  • Facilitated meetings with key US investors
  • Meet and mingle with key Silicon Valley movers and shakers relevant to your organisation and growth plans
  • Discuss your business with leading journalists
  • Spend quality time with like-minded people in the valley
  • Explore how to succeed and grow in the US market
  • Attend Web 2.0 Expo which occurs during the same week
  • Significant VP-level engagement with WebMission sponsors


The entry requirements are as follows:

  • Be an Enterprise 2.0 company
  • Be innovative
  • Be headquartered in the UK or Ireland
  • Have 2 years trading history, or failing that, compelling fast-track potential through management team etc
  • Be able to provide references from key sponsors/industry players
  • Able to demonstrate some commitment to sustainable business practices (eg, positive environmental, social or economic outputs)
  • Be ready to do or grow business in the US OR potentially attractive to a US investor.

If you’d like to apply, have a look at www.webmission.co.uk

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5 Responses to “WebMission Now Includes Irish Start-Ups”

Saw it during the week after Robin Blandford shared it with us – as we are Consumer2 for the most part I am guessing we would not fit the bill. Which is a shame because the schedule was interesting.


Hmm looks very interesting. Defo going to check it out.

I’m looking at costs right now to see if we can afford it. Looks like an amazing opportunity with plenty of ROI.

Wow, looks like a great opportunity. Thanks for the heads-up.