New Web2Ireland startup – co-founder wanted…

7th of November 2008 by admin

Hopefully this will be the first post on this meme…

Niall Smart contacted us in relation to his new startup – and he is seeking a technical co-founder to join the team.

Person Wanted
If you’re a talented developer, interested in working at the junction of digital music and cloud computing, and ready to play a key role in an early stage startup, then this is a fantastic opportunity:

* Are you technically adept? Our technology stack includes Ruby and AWS, but your track record is much more important than an exact skills portfolio.

* Do you understand the importance of the User Experience? This is a niche product for discerning consumers, and UX is a critical success factor. You’re ready to play the game of inches.

* Have you an entrepreneurial streak? The right person will be enthusiastic, motivated, innovative and strategic, and comfortable with a degree of risk and uncertainty. Essential traits – along with a sense of adventure and fun.


To learn more, contact Niall Smart (niall AT – and include a brief bio with your email.

- Potential investment is currently under discussion with a small number of high calibre investors.
- Based on investment – willingness to re-locate to Silicon Valley for 3 months

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My email address doesn’t seem to have made it across the copy-n-paste boundary :)

You can contact me at:, and view more details here:

FYI – I spoke with Niall about this last night and introduced a few potential people, this is a good offer.

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