Decisions for Heroes a finalist in SeedCamp

15th of September 2008 by conor

Many of us were absolutely gutted when the SeedCamp finalists were announced and there was no sign of Decisions for Heroes (D4H). Anyone who has been following what Robin Blandford has been doing with D4H knows what an amazing idea it is.

According to 11850 It is a collaborative rescue team management tool to record and analyze rescue operations.

It looks like the judges re-considered their decision. Perhaps they realised that the ideas around D4H can be re-used to build many highly valuable logistics-centered systems where the value is in the data.

In any case, that means we now now have an Irish entry in SeedCamp. Well done Robin! Hopefully we’ll have even more Irish finalists next year.

Given the energy and activity around incubation programmes like Genesis and EnterpriseStart, is it time to consider doing a SeedCamp-style programme here specifically for webapps?

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5 Responses to “Decisions for Heroes a finalist in SeedCamp”

Cheers Conor.

Looking forward to meet Lenny & Fergus over here during the week too.

Wow! Congrats to Robin!

And commiserations to you and the others, Gordon. Hopefully next year!

Hearty congrats to D4H – I think its a great idea, and I also think its a cool idea. also applied and got PFO’d. What the hell, its another learning experience.

Has Ireland got the critical mass required to carry off one of these events. I have no doubt that it has. Ideas, technology, drive, capital – despite what many say, it is my experience that there is plenty of all about at the moment.

What we are missing is leadership. Should Enterprise Ireland organise this? A private person/group? A college? It doesn’t matter – We still need one person to drive this, at first anyway.

Oh, just in case anyone is confused, I am not that person.

Yup, Hopefully. Unless I can make eWrite so bloody big I can buy the whole Seedcamp project and bring it to Ireland to fund only Irish services.