Three Weeks left to apply to SeedCamp

18th of July 2008 by conor

Are you in a small startup? Thinking of doing one? No access to capital? Possibly lacking some business experience? But dammit you want to build something!

Or maybe your employer, the bank, hedge fund or insurance company is going through meltdown and you think – time to move.

Then have a look a SeedCamp:

As their site says:

Seedcamp is where Europe’s top young founders can come together in one place. From securing funding to developing the right network, young entrepreneurs in Europe face challenges in building globally competitive technology businesses. Through the provision of seed capital and a world class network of mentors, we want to provide a catalyst for Europe’s next generation of entrepreneurs.

The process is simple; you apply here, those shortlisted go to London for Seedcamp Week and then the best of the best are then picked to be part of Seedcamp.

I don’t know how many Irish companies applied last year but your continental European peers are jumping all over this. At the very least it is worth a look. Some great thoughts on the topic from Saul Klein.

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9 Responses to “Three Weeks left to apply to SeedCamp”

I applied last time and I’ll probably apply again this time.

Could Open coffee have a session on it? Tips to answering the many questions ?

Ye know, that’s a really good idea. If we could get some past SeedCorn winners to come in, I’m sure they had to deal with similar questions. We could brainstorm an application form for anyone who is thinking about it.

Timing is a problem tho as the next Cork OCC is not due until 15th Aug because of Bank Holiday Weekend.

Maybe an out-of-cycle meet-up in a coffee shop with just those interested in helping and those interested in applying?

Or go crazy and use some vidconferencing too to pull in folks from OCC Dub, Limerick and Waterford?

I hung around at a lot of the SeedCamp week events in London last year as the drunken Irish fella. Looked great.

I’m planning on entering D4H but would love to get the ‘Irish Mafia’ (as we’re known there!) together to work on a bunch of Irish entries together, bringing everyone from Ireland up a peg higher.

3 weeks to go!

Would people be interested in meeting for this? I could arrange a room in Oriel House in Ballincollig if thats a good central location.

Alternatively, everyone is welcome to my house where Ill feed people in return for picking their brains for helping me pitch for Seedcamp

I’m up for it. Oriel might be better from a “where the hell is it?” point of view :-)

Can’t do Thursdays or OCC Friday’s but open any other day. Wanna put the call out on Twitter/Jaiku? I can do a new post here if you like and pop something on

Oriel seems the best option.

I was looking at the rooms available there recently for hiring out for a day. I don’t have the costs with me now, but I think its around 150 for a room for a day. I have a brochure and contact details at home to review.

Would it be best to put a post up, find out how many are interested then I can book a room there?

Or, should we just opt for the board room of the Rubicon or the Macroom E building in Macroom?

I’ll put a post up (and an OCC Cork mailshot) and see what people think. I doubt it’d take a full day. Maybe a morning?

Since Seedcamp is vaguely in competition to Rubicon/Genesis, I dunno if that is a runner :-)

Sounds like a plan.

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