BarCamp Cork II ?

18th of July 2008 by conor

As many of you know, the first BarCamp in Ireland was held wayyyy back in September 2006 in Cork. It is still remembered as a wonderful day and I met many of the people I now know well for the first time there. Since that event in Webworks there have been further ones in Waterford, Dublin, Galway, Belfast, Kilkenny and Limerick.

Recently it was suggested to me that we have another one in Cork in January. I lobbed the idea out at an OpenCoffee to discover that there was tons of pent-up demand for a BarCamp and that January was too far away.

A further conversation with John Handelaar at the hugely successful and very barcampy OpenCoffeeClub BBQ got me all jizzed up about having one sooner too.

The next BarCamp is PodCamp II in Kilkenny on September 27th so I’d like to propose the next Cork one for the November timeframe. Sufficiently long after PodCamp but not too close to Christmas.

Please use the PollDaddy poll below to indicate levels of interest and, if it is there, I’m sure we can arrange something down here :-)

UPDATE: I can’t see how to edit a poll after it is published but one great suggestion has been made, which is to offer “Any Saturday in November” as an option. If that’s what you’d prefer, just enter it in “Other”

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13 Responses to “BarCamp Cork II ?”

It’s “jazzed up” Conor. “Jizzed up” is a whole different thing altogether…


I was writing phonetically :-) And who’s to say that I wasn’t……

Hey, if Podcamp qualifies as a Barcamp (and it does) surely 3Dcamp in Limerick did?!? :-)

Anytime is good for a Cork barcamp!

Totally James. Just an oversight by me. I’ll add it above.

Count me in, date is not that important (yet) ….

About feckin time

No seriously. Good to see. And about feckin time :-)


The first barcamp in Cork kicked off the whole networking for me. I met people like Tom, Will and Conor there for the first time and I remember an interesting talk by Eoghan about SEO :)

November isn’t soon enough, looking forward to it.

[...] as Keith points out in the coments there is currently a poll running on Web 2.0 Ireland about a date for the next Cork BarCamp. Am I right in thinking that BarCamps involve leaning against a bar rather than drinking coffee? [...]

I’m getting lots of feedback along the lines of “the earlier the better” so I’m tending towards suggesting Saturday October 25th. So let’s run that up the flagpole etc etc

October 25th is fine by me!

Excellent. Was very disappointed to miss the last one, and heard excellent reports. Looking forward to seeing what crops up to try and block my attending this time. By hook or by crook I’m going ot be there though!

It’ll be November 1st with venue to be confirmed very shortly. I’ll probably do a post on over the weekend with a formal announcement.