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17th of July 2008 by conor

The Tuesday Push on 1TIme started over Chez Mulley and spread like wildfire. Here are the reviews and posts that we’ve seen so far. Pop in a comment if we’ve missed yours.

So far only 5 companies have signed up for the push. There are some harsh words I could use here but I’ll simply ask the question; why wouldn’t you like coverage of your app and some honest feedback?


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7 Responses to “1Time Coverage”

@patphelan – Your’s was the first I read so I dunno how it slipped through :-(

@Gordon – The original pingback to mulley.net was 404ing, thanks for the updated URL.

Apologies, Switched hosting and lost the post along the way somehow.

[...] haven’t had the opportunity to try out 1TimeTracking myself and Web 2.0 Ireland are listing mentions it has received from bloggers thanks to the Tuesday Push. I think Damien’s approach is great [...]

Its been brilliant. We have doubled our sign ups last week from normal traffic.

Thanks so much to everyone that posted.

Blog post coming soon from me to linking to all.