Web2Ireland – what’s going on – week ending June 6th

6th of June 2008 by admin

Some bits and bobs from around the Web2Ireland scene…

Joe survives at UTR – and gets great coveage for PutPlace in webware

Exceptional launches – Error tracking and managing for Rails folks and their apps

edenbee gets coverage on Mashable – “Edenbee or Not to Be? Climate Change Social Network Steps In To Help”

Firefox Party – Dublin – June 19th. All over the world, Mozilla will be celebrating the launch of Firefox 3 in late June. Mozilla is sending over lots of prizes/swag for us to give away on the night. The Irish need to live up to the great name we have for partying. Contact Paul Walsh for sponsorship opportunity – paul AT segala.com SPONSORS BY: BT, putplace (http://putplace.com) and Blacknight

Curry 2.0 dinner coming up in Dublin – more details to follow.

Wexford based ubcam launches – looks cool…

Polldaddy at 116 million + votes and counting – Lenny is building quite the database of value

Investment scene/activity @ web – no mention of Ireland…

Sean McGrath – XML and python expert – looking for some folks in Web2.0 space to work together..

Pixenateplugins for wordpress and MT – Walter is building a great business in the photo editing space.

Downloadmusic – selling lots of songs via SMS – clever service with some great International plans

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3 Responses to “Web2Ireland – what’s going on – week ending June 6th”

And how could you guys miss the launch of http://www.finetuna.com which wouldn’t have happened without your push http://www.web2ireland.org/2007/10/10/winner-of-the-web2expo-berlin-tickets/ and the resulting feedback we got :)

Fergus these posts are waaaaay better than any long stuff!

Great to get round-ups of the week.

I am now informed. Good stuff