Skydeck figures out your real social network

11th of June 2008 by conor

I’ve been thrilled to see all the coverage of Skydeck recently. Their CEO is Jason Devitt who did Elec Eng in UCD just after me and who I could tell would do well even back then. I think at one point he was doing a Masters in Engineering and a Law Degree at the same time!


He showed amazing vision in building Vindigo in the late 90′s and I made use of their Palm Pilot City Guides many times. It’s only now that the technology has caught up with some of the things they were trying to do back then.

Read Write Web has a great piece on him and what he is now trying to build with Skydeck. They are creating something very interesting indeed off the back of your mobile-phone bill and address book.Think intelligent mobile social network.

Just to get some sense of the guy, you have to watch this YouTube video, seriously!

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