Thinking Out Loud

5th of February 2008 by conor

Given the number of Web2 companies here that use freelancers and outsourcers for many aspects of their businesses, would it make sense to have some sort of simple skills board (as opposed to jobs board) here? Even something as simple as a page with a list giving Company Name, Person Name, Services Offered, URL for contact info.


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Yep Conor – one of those instances where something really simple would serve a very useful purpose :-)


Absolutely. Its been on my to-do list for for ages. Here to help if you need it.

As a potential user of the list, I think it would be great. Also make the people who go on the list be automatically be deleted after 12 months. This will force people to keep it updated

Keith, it was the comments on your post about whether to use Ruby or not that triggered the thought. I know several companies who went abroad for development services (including ourselves) because we couldn’t find anyone locally. Those people existed, we just didn’t know about them.

Alan, thanks for the offer. We’re just about to roll out the new design for the site. Once that is bedded in, we can look at how to do it.

I believe its a good idea. It was mentioned at open coffee in the past that a panel of ‘Gurus’ may be useful for new members or anyone that has a current problem or hurdle in their work to approach.

In the same manner as the recent TechLudd, there could be a list of names and a “Talk to me about…” for each name.

Yes, but please do keep it simple.


Having thought about it for a long while it does need some kind of non libellous feedback system. Perhaps a list of referrals potential users can personally ask about freelancer. This is essential for us.
Also for designers one or two image previews of their design work. Using the directory on Creative Ireland is a nightmare clicking through links and hoping 1. they actually have a site and 2. they have a portfolio.

Comhar in Cork offers an Elance style service for Irish companies that addresses a lot of this.

I was more thinking a simple directory with no commentary etc. Would be up to each company seeking services to do their own due diligence and ensure that the service provider is ok. It would just be the starting point for most people who currently do things like googling “web development ireland” or mailing their mates.

Oh i thought it was for more Web2 type companies looking to find a good freelancer fast and sort the wheat from the chaff. Thats the type of thing i am looking for. Are there not enough simple directories out there already?

I think filtering is more appropriate to a commercial operation who can deal with all the conflict resolutions etc.

If there are existing directories, please post the URLs here because I’m not aware of them. The other useful thing to post would be interest group mailing lists (Python Ireland etc). If I’d known about Ruby Ireland in 2006……..

Sent you a link to a system we have built that might be suitable for you.
A quick search brings up the following list. Looking at them i see not enough focus on back end specialities and some out of date. It would need a reporting system for dead links and businesses.

A great idea – I don’t think there are directories in there in Ireland, and if there are then obviously not enough people know about them! I have been using Twitter lately, “can someone recommend a freelancer who is an expert with Flex?” but a directory would make it much easier for me.

I agree with Adam, keep it simple – just a list with profiles: name, website, skills, location contact info, status (“looking for any freelance work”, “only interested in Flash”, etc.). I could bang this out in 30mins in Django. What do you think Conor,

Typical me, I throw out an idea and then can’t follow up! Gimme a while to absorb, I’m ploughed under at the minute.

How about rather than allowing negative comments, do positive only?

i.e. anyone can put their known name to a designer (authentication of that name is the only interesting part).