Irish Internet Association – Net Visionary Awards

16th of November 2007 by admin

Congratulations to all the winners – Irish Internet Association – Net Visionary Awards – great event organized by Fergal and his team at the Irish Internet Association

ps. I’m both honored and shocked with the netvisionary award – it’s an acknowledgment for all who are involved in the growing Irish web2.0 cluster.

2 Responses to “Irish Internet Association – Net Visionary Awards”

Well done Fergus! It’s about time you received some recognition for all of your hard work for the web2 community in Ireland. Congrats to all the other winners as well.

I would like to add to endorse Jonathan’s comment! Fergus was the first person I heard mention Web 2.0. His passion for it is infectious and his dedication to seeing Ireland leverage it is hugely admirable – well done!!