Winner of the Web2Expo Berlin Tickets

10th of October 2007 by conor

We received some superb ideas for a webapp with an Irish focus and it was a helluva job to pick one winner. After much deliberation. cogitation and digestion we have decided that the winner is Alan O’Rourke of Spoiltchild Design. His suggestion for a customer feedback system for Irish Web Designers is not only sorely needed but could easily be a global product too. Rather than try to explain it in words, here is a video of a mockup:

Well done Alan, your tickets are on the way. It was suggested to me recently that SpolitChild is beginning to look like the 37Signals of Ireland. I find it hard to argue with that!

Honourable mentions go to Kevin Peyton who is actually launching his app very shortly, David Lenehan for a citizen voting app and Eoin Gallagher for his restaurant app.

For anyone else who would like to go to Berlin, you can get €100 off the price of your ticket by using the code: MLVLBE01. Also keep an eye out on the Irish blogosphere as more freebies may appear in the coming weeks.

7 Responses to “Winner of the Web2Expo Berlin Tickets”

As usual Alan, very nice. Congratulations.

Nice one Alan – enjoy the trip!

Thanks Guys. Anyone else heading over?

Well done Alan.

I’m heading over to give a talk there.

[...] to Web2Expo Berlin. With a small skunkworks project that we’re currently undertaking, we managed to extract a couple of tickets. The event is on from 5th-8th November, full details [...]

Great stuff indeed and I always commend innovation. However, apart from the fact that it’s free and no account is required, it’s just a scaled down version of Concept Share. Nevertheless, give the man the tickets.

Thanks Ken. I knew there had to be something like it around. Too big of a pain not to have been answered elsewhere.