Free Tickets to Web2Expo Berlin

2nd of October 2007 by conor

The very kind people at CMP and O’Reilly have offered some free tickets for Irish bloggers to attend Web2Expo in Berlin from November 5th to 8th. Each of these tickets is worth €1100 so this is a big deal. We have OKed it with them to make the first two tickets available here as a pair.

Of course we’re not going to make it easy for you, so you have to do a little bit of work. Rather than just putting all the names in a hat and randomly picking one, we are going to have a little competition.

This is the deal; the Irish (or Ireland-based) blogger who makes the best suggestion for an original Web Application with an Irish focus will win the tickets. A few simple rules would make sense:

  • “An Irish Facebook” is not a good enough suggestion
  • The suggestion should be a paragraph of text with “what” and “why”
  • You MUST seriously intend going. Wasting these tickets would be criminal
  • You can give the second ticket away but offer it back if you can’t find a taker
  • “Best” is entirely at the discretion of the judges
  • It would be nice (but is not compulsory) to blog about this competition
  • It would be nice (but is not compulsory) to blog about Web2Expo if you win
  • The winning suggestion will be blogged here along with the winner’s name
  • “Blogger” includes company bloggers, not just personal blogs
  • The closing date for suggestions is Sunday October 7th
  • The winner will be announced by Tuesday October 9th
  • E-mail your suggestions (or questions) to Web2Ireland Editor

For those of you who don’t win, we will be publishing a discount code shortly which will reduce the price of a standard ticket.

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[...] 2.0 Ireland are running a competition for tickets to the Web 2.0 expo in Berlin. Each ticket is worth €1100 so it is well worth [...]

Why would an “Irish Facebook” be a bad idea. Of course it needs a twist…

DisporaBook. Same idea, but you don’t link as such… You create a family tree. And go down the paths/branches of the tree, joining with other trees along the way.
you finally get to find out who your third cousin 4 times removed is. Find out that your great great great great grandfather on your mothers side is related to the great great great great grandmother of your next door neighbour.

Would it qualify if it was entered?

Hey Will. It’s not the idea of an Irish Facebook that’s the problem, I was pointing out that it’s not a sufficient suggestion. More detail would be required.

Feel free to suggest DiasporaBook by email. I’d check out Geni first tho. We use it in our family and it is currently on a valuation of $100m.

[...] O’Neill has these tickets up for grabs for the Web2Expo in Berlin. This is the deal; the Irish (or Ireland-based) [...]

Entry has been sent and also posted here:

Thanks guys.

[...] Web2Ireland recently had competition with the prize as free tickets to Web2Expo Berlin. With a small skunkworks project that we’re currently undertaking, we managed to extract a couple of tickets. The event is on from 5th-8th November, full details here. [...]