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25th of July 2007 by admin

It’s “ask the community” time :-)

At mySay, we’re interested in recommendations for Hosting services. We’re currently using Fasthosts in the UK, and we’re considering some Irish-based options. As this community knows quite a bit about this topic, it’d be great to hear your thoughts on same. Happy to summarise and re-blog any feedback.

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We’ve only used Irish hosts for blogs so I can’t pass much comment on them.

Currently using Softlayer in US for dedicated servers and they are fantastic. Fast, efficient, cheap, great support, awesome connectivity, great tools, no downtime when power goes out in San Fran :-)

Using EuroVPS for VPS and don’t see much performance gain over shared hosting so won’t be renewing.

Using Webfaction for shared hosting due to Python and Ruby friendliness. Highly recommend them.

Mail/IM me if you want any more details on any of those.

If your target market is Ireland then, Irish hosting makes sense. If your market is the US then keeping the serves in the US does make difference to speed.

In various projects I’ve used Hosting Ireland, Hosting 365 and ServiCentric all based here with not much between them. In general the customer service seems to be better with the smaller operations.

If you doing complicated things with DNS be sure that you host has a decent DNS control panel, or better yet have your Domain and DNS seperate from your hosting, that way if your host turns out to be rubbish you can move very quickly.

We’re using Amazon’s AWS, for most of GlowDay. We like the flexible they provide.
After we go live I’ll let you know how it works out :-)



We’re using Hosting365, they have a great service and so far it has been good.


We use (for about a month now). We are also dabbling with EC2 (which is pretty cool). The bottom line is you don’t know what your hosting provider is going to be like until you they go tits up.

A good question to ask when signing up is, how do I leave? Departing from fasthosts was right royal pain in the arse, involving multiple support tickets and phone calls. I still don’t know if the process is complete.

I recommend WebHost in Dublin.

I’ve been hosting sites there for 3 – 4 years now, excellent service and services, I could count the minutes of downtime on one hand.

Any time I have a query, they get back to me straight away.

What kind of hosting do you require?

What kind of support will you need?

If you host in Ireland with any of the larger hosting companies you will be able to get technical support during Irish office hours (and outside them too), whereas if you host overseas you may not.

In terms of connectivity etc., any host that peers at INEX will have plenty of connectivity and will probably run a reasonably solid network.

Of course I´m ever so slightly biased :)

Then again I also know how much we´ve spent on network infrastructure over the last year!


As Ireland’s largest and leading provider, hosting365 has invested massively in staff, infrastructure, networks and systems. Hosting more websites that anyone else in Ireland, and with over 54 technical staff ready to jump to your assistance – we have the skills, experience and systems to meet your expectations and needs.

Here is a price comparison of a ‘WordPress Blog – Start Up’ web hosting prices in Ireland:

Ivan |


There is a nice comparison chart here :

I have it as a hand bookmark to give to customers when they ask me what is their hosting recommendations.

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