Mashable:MySay is Twitter for Talkers

26th of April 2007 by fergus


The MySay folks have rolled out their cool service – the industry renowned Mashable has a great piece of coverage: MySay is Twitter for Talkers

Signup folks….

2 Responses to “Mashable:MySay is Twitter for Talkers”

I’m going to sign up and give it a shot. But, will be as popular as twitter? Twitter has a web interface, IM (if you dont want to get caught twitting in work) and SMS notifications i.e. you get the message and can then make an informed decission to respond before forking out for the cost of a call or sms.
Saying all that always willing to try new things … oh and very best of luck!

Ok, already impressed :) Sign up is simple and the SMS notification of what to do next rocks!