Red Herring Europe Top 100 – the Irish nominations are…

12th of March 2007 by fergus

Sam at Vecosys links thorough to some analysis by the folks at Library House on the recently announced Red Herring 100 nominations for the fortcoming Venture Europe event.

The Irish nominations

- 3V
- Aepona
- Babelgum
- Cicero Networks
- Lagan
- Newbay
- nooked

Hopefully we will see more Irish companies nominated in 2008

4 Responses to “Red Herring Europe Top 100 – the Irish nominations are…”

Well done Fergus and everyone at Nooked !!

Does anyone know *how* the companies were nominated?

Need to get IRL pushing further up the rankings.

Now; thats an easy task – right?

Maybe a brown envelope is a quick option. Heh- its a de-facto goverment standard by now :) (ok- maybe not in good taste!)


[...] We’re also delighted that other Irish companies were selected – Aepona, Cicero, 3V and Babelgum. [...]