Handy list from Seth Godin

20th of March 2007 by admin

Seth Godin and VC advice

Would you agree?

4 Responses to “Handy list from Seth Godin”

Personally I wouldn’t take advice from someone (doesn’t matter how others respect them) from someone with a blog that’s actually a static 1.0 Web site that looks like a blog. This shows a complete lack in understand/appreciation for current thinking… This is actually a blog post I’ve been meaning to write for ages.

Speaking to Donncha from WordPress… in his words ‘blogs without comments is pure evil’.

I would have to grumble. I thought there may have been a single point I would agree with and believed so until I read each point.

Granted, who wants to buy a half baked cake was the old mind set. VCs these days are a lot sharper.

I dunno. For example, items 2 and 3 are fairly no brainer (in my, admittedly limited, experience). Would you disagree? 9 and 12 also ring particularly true for me – again – based on direct experience.

Its a good list and good advice, but I would add a caveat. This is a “super” list in that its the combined behaviour of a multitude of VCs taken as a whole. The VC you choose may have more or less of the defects/benefits listed above.

Also if you’re running a business and your paying to much attention to your VC’s advice you have rocks in your head the size of gibralter.