Britain – becoming the test bed for online business models

1st of March 2007 by fergus

Max Bleyleben of Kennet Partners has a blog post on “Britain as the world’s hottest online advertising market”

“I believe the growth rates because we are seeing it clearly in online advertising related companies, including ones we’ve invested in, like Adviva. But an interesting result of this hypergrowth is that both traditional advertising agencies and Internet firms like Google are increasingly using the UK as a test-bed for new twists on the online advertising phenomenon.”

Nic Brisbourne also comments on the post

“The UK internet advertising scene is more advanced than anywhere else now which is good news for UK plc and should spell opportunity for you and me!”

Also good news for Web2Ireland companies :-)

2 Responses to “Britain – becoming the test bed for online business models”

I was going to setup IAB Ireland but decided against it given how close the UK is and how most of big players have a presence in the UK already. Does anyone think it’s still viable?

The guys behind the pan-European free mobile operator (co-founded by a former president of Nokia) have given the same reason for starting up in the UK.