Web2Ireland meetup in London – at FOWA

7th of February 2007 by admin

I know quite a few folks are for the future of web apps event in London on Feb 20th.

All meeting up at Brogan’s in Fulham Broadway [right across from tube station] – @8pm.

We have over 15 people attending… should be a great night…. Lent starts on Wednesday :-)

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I’m up for it. Doing Geek Dinner on the Wednesday but free otherwise. Do you know any good kebab shops in the area?

Hi up for it, wouldn’t mind knowing who admin (the original poster) is though.

Sure, would love to meet up. Let me know when and where.


Count me in also, (Tuesday evening would be better) Robin Bladford left a message on TouristR blog and said he would suggest a good place.

Good group coming together so.

How does http://www.porters.uk.com/ sound? It’s better than it looks – I’ve been there for a similar occasion. I can book – but need numbers.

It’s in Covent Garden, which is only a couple of stops on the Picadilly from Kensington/FOWA. Serves ‘trad english’ food, pretty tasty too.

Mind you – I’m happy to meet you all anywhere.

I’ll be at the FOWA but not sure if I can pencil in the dinner yet (have a meeting to attend). Can I provisionally book? :)

Actually I will be able to make it. And please add Adam Green of Grazr to the list too :)

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I’ll be a FOWA. Be great to have a chance to meet up.

Count me in.

I will be there. Might even have a demo of Toddle to show if anyone is interested?

Ok – so where & when?!

I’m on 0044 (0)77 5693 0976 in the UK.
Back in Dublin this weekend – back online Monday.

See you then.


Heading over tomorrow (monday) You can email me or text to 353 86 4034999 if something gets organised. Probably see you there anyway.

Change of plan for me and Adam – we won’t be making it now unfortunately.