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Web2Ireland at FOWA

admin 19th of February 2007 by admin

To all those Irish folks [and those who enjoy some Craic and pints of the black stuff] at FOWA – a group is meeting up at Brogan’s in Fulham Broadway [right across from tube station] – @8pm.

Over 15 people attending… should be a great night…. Lent starts on Wednesday :-) gets a “web2.0″ makeover…

admin 19th of February 2007 by admin

Segala, specialist in Web standards compliance and certification, have had a “makeover”

The new site – built on wordpress – is very slick.

Paul also mentions that they have opened up their partner network for free – check out the details here.

Y Europe can seed growth of its new stars

admin 16th of February 2007 by admin

Saul Klein, who was recently appointed to Index Ventures, one of the top web2.0 related Venture capital firms around, is proposing a European techstars/ycomibinator type facility. Y Europe can seed growth of its new stars

So what next? This summer we will aim to bring together some of Europe’s best entrepreneurs and investors to start supporting and seeding talented developers who have ideas that they think they can turn into world beating businesses.

Right now, I’ve love your feedback.

Let me know;

* what you think,
* who you’d want to be involved,
* how we should go about finding the right talent,
* who should we be telling about it,
* how should the model work best,
* if your an entrepreneur what you would need

Saul is one of the smartest entrepreneur/advisor/angel investor around – and with his new role with Index, this promises to be an exiting initiative to create more world class companies out of Europe.

I recommend you subscribe to his blog – and kick in your comments/thoughts/ideas….

FeedHenry – a new Irish startup – rss for mobile operators

admin 15th of February 2007 by admin

Feedhenry have an end-to-end RSS mobile solution for telco operators.

It includes a mobile reader app (Java, MIDP2), a Feed Management Server web-app, a browser-based RSS reader for users and business integration hooks.

The mobile-reader uses SIP for efficient communication.

Feedhenry is an ideal solution for the likes of O2, Vodafone etc. – who can use this to deliver “content” to their users and drive up data revenues, and “stickiness”.

FeedHenry – Web, Mobile & Enterprise RSS

Segala gets thumbs up….

admin 14th of February 2007 by admin

The Equity Kicker » Blog Archive » Content labels another answer to the growing search problem? and Segala is the solution….

Nic Brisbourne of Esprit Capital thinks….

“I also like it because it is a potentially huge play – it could be pennies on almost every website on the planet as a charge for certification – and there are now 45 billion of those.”

mashup* – 22nd February 2007 – London

admin 14th of February 2007 by admin

Anothe great event….mashup* – 22nd February 2007 – London

“What’s next, Web3.0? – The coming semantic web”

Speakers include Hugh McLeod and Paul Walsh

Mashup is now organized by Sam and Mike from Vecosys

Plenty of Irish folks in London for FOWA …. add this to your itinerary….

Create a Mashup and win $25K

admin 13th of February 2007 by admin

Create a Mashup and win $25K

Alex has the details….

Microsoft, BT and Top Coder have launched a competition encouraging developers to build ‘managed network mashups’ using BT’s Connected Services Sandbox (an implementation of Microsoft’s Connected Services Framework – CSF). From Top Coder’s announcement:

“Usage scenarios can include a combination of communications services, such as e-mail, instant messaging and document collaboration, with Web services, such as Windows Liveâ„¢, Microsoft MapPoint®, Amazon, eBay, Google and Yahoo!”

NewBay does deal with o2 – “little blue book”

admin 12th of February 2007 by admin NewBay written into O2 UK’s little blue book

“The ‘My bluebook’ services enables O2 UK’s users to store, share, create, manage and print all their mobile content.

The ‘My bluebook’ is based on the concept of life caching where users can safely store personal messages, photos and videos and share experiences of their lives with friends and family.

Using the MySpace-like service, content can be stored in a secure online personal space by sending a message to short code 40202 and users can then invite guests to view all or part of their personal site.”

check newbay press release for more details

Irish at 3GSM World Congress – Barcelona

admin 12th of February 2007 by admin

Lots of Irish companies at 3GSM. [EI have pulled together a brochure based site for the event]

Newbay, Nubiq and others at the event.

Sidenote: Pat are you in Barcelona – our mobile2.0 champion

Top 7 indicators of consumer Internet success – Startup Review Blog

admin 12th of February 2007 by admin

» Top 7 indicators of consumer Internet success – Startup Review Blog

1. Define a previously unrecognized niche

2. Strong ability to leverage natural search as the primary means of user acquisition

3. Service that empowers people to make a living

4. Free (or near free) alternative for a previously high cost service

5. True viral distribution potential

6. Ability to jumpstart user acquisition through distribution partnerships

7. Story that lends itself to mainstream PR

original piece was on venturebeat – see here