Irish OpenCoffee Club – entrepreneur/startup meetups

23rd of February 2007 by admin

Saul just kicked off a great idea – the “Open Coffee club” – every Thursday morning from 9-12 – open to anyone.

See here OpenCoffee Club

What is it?
An attempt to establish recognized, open and regular meeting places where entrepreneurs can meet with investors (and anyone else who fancies coming along) in a totally informal setting.

Something that can be replicated in anywhere else at little or no cost — though we do want to build a list of all the places where entrepreneurs can meet and who will be around for them to talk with.

Call to action: Irish OpenCoffee Clubs

Dublin, Cork, Sligo, Galway, Limerick, Waterford, Belfast, Derry, etc.

Lets pick a location in each of these areas – coffee shop – an open space – one with wifi – etc.

6 Responses to “Irish OpenCoffee Club – entrepreneur/startup meetups”

I honestly cannot think of a coffee shop in Waterford city that has WiFi. I’ll keep an eye out though.

Great idea. I’m proposing the lobby of the Clarion Hotel in Limerick which is the most comfortable venue with free wifi that I know of in the city.

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Great idea. I’ve made a proposal for a Dublin OpenCoffee Club over at my blog. Suggestions and feedback appreciated:

This is a great initiative. If we start next Thursday, I’ll be in the Clarion hotel in Limerick armed with my Mac book. and I might even travel the country to taste the coffee!

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