a Web2Ireland.org 2007 conference ?

6th of February 2007 by admin

Last year we had a very succesful event.

For 2007 – the plan is to get everyone together again

To estimate the interest level.. please vote on our poll

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Will you be able to get a venue to hold all the potential attendees? Judging by the huge jump in Interest in the Irish Blog Awards (more than 2000 nominations), what sort of interest would we see in a Web2Ireland conference?


This is a no brainer. YES! I’d love the opportunity to sit beside other cool Irish companies at this expo. Could be a seriously good way to raise our profile and the profile of Ireland within the Web 2.0 community!

Paul, as you know, Ireland is seen as a cool place to visit, so that’s one good reason. It’s also seen as a European hub for innovation. Unfortunately, I don’t see much of this industry being raised through Enterprise Ireland as much as say, manufacturing.

I think we should call it Web2Ireland Conference and see if O’Reily publishers have something to say – that’ll raise our profile even further ;)

Sounds like a great idea. Can I suggest Sligo as a possible venue?

Sounds like a great idea, hopefully outside of Dublin :)

It should be accessible to as many people as possible IMHO.

> It should be accessible to as many people as possible IMHO.

That settles it so – Cork it is ! ;-)

I missed last year’s event but would love to attend this years… (I wonder who the naysayers are!)